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Signal Processors

  • DI-Boxes

    DI Boxes

    Professional and multi-purpose direct injection box for stage and studio applicationsAllows direct connection to speaker

  • Signal-Processor-Accessories

    Signal Processor Accessories

    Attaches to standard mic, music or drum standsHigh-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

  • Crossovers


    Absolutely flat summed amplitude response, zero phase difference Individual output Gain controls for all bands

  • Feedback-Suppressors

    Feedback Suppressors

    Ultra low-noise Mic/Line input stage with Gain control and +48 V phantom power Automatic Feedback Destroyer with Learn function

  • Compressors


    Switchable IKA program-adaptive compression circuitry combines the advantages of hard-knee and soft-knee characteristics

  • Enhancers


    Professional and home recording studios: brings out the full sound spectrum of your tracks, mixdown and mastering

  • Multi-Effects-Processors

    Multi-Effects Processors

    Ultra-compact stereo multi-effects processor for podcast, studio and stage applicationsIntuitive FX Preset control with LEDs indicating the selected program

  • loudspeaker

    Loudspeaker Processors

    High-end 96 kHz converters for ultimate signal integrity and wide dynamic range (120 dB) Several types of EQs (LP/BP/HP) for each input and output

  • Headphone-Amplifers

    Headphone Amplifers

    Ultra-compact headphone amplifier system for studio and stage applications 4 independent stereo high-power amplifier sections

  • In-Ear-Monitor-Systems

    In Ear Monitor Systems

    The POWERPLAY P1 Personal In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Amplifier puts control where it’s most useful – right at the artist’s fingertips

  • Microphone-Preamplifiers

    Microphone Preamplifiers

    Audiophile Vacuum Tube Preamplifier with Preamp Modeling Technology Ultra-flexible Preamp Modeling allows you to optimize your recordings

  • Phono-Preamplifiers

    Phono Preamplifiers

    Converts your phono signal to a line level signal State-of-the-art phono preamp to accommodate all magnetic pickups Dedicated RCA and1/4

  • Equalizers


    Ultra-high resolution 24-bit/96 kHz mastering processor featuring 32/40-bit fl oating-point DSP technology