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Profile of the Company:

MDS Broadcast Pvt. Ltd. engages in the design, consultancy, provide solution, system integration, and installation of digital and high definition FM & Community Radio Station. It offers workflow analysis, budget projections, financial planning, project scope development, architectural and interior space planning, acoustic, design and engineering, equipment specification, equipment procurement, project management and supervision, installation and integration, off site pre-build, system maintenance contracts, and field and bench repair services, as well as consulting, feasibility studies, project management, and training services. The company also provides various facilities, such as radio production studios and control rooms, radio post-production facilities, transmitter, antenna, on-airstudio, content development, network operations, consulting services to evaluate customer situations and available solutions, recommendations for equipment to address current and future needs and meet the objectives, rapid turn-around on equipment quotes, with most completed in minutes,partners with networks to provide the specific expertise required to scope, design, and build broadcast systems,provides value-added consulting services for equipment purchases and facilitates sales via a client-customized. It enables its broadcast clients to implement various technologies, such as automation, and archiving technologies. MDS Broadcast Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2011 and is based in India, New Delhi. The company has operations in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.


Community Radio Station

Broadcasting: shaping the economy and society?

  • Conviviality and Culture
  • Education
  • Strong Democracy
  • Health and well-being
  • Economic Equity, Opportunity, and Sustainability
  • Ideal Frame Work for Community development

Introduction of Community Radio Station:

Radio is an effective medium, which covers large population areas with low cost and in short span of time. Radio can cut across geographic, cultural and literacy barriers. Given its availability, accessibility, cost-effectiveness and power, radio represents a practical and creative medium for facilitating spread of information in urban/rural settings. Radio is a very powerful technology that can allow information to reach large sectors of the population quickly and economically.
Keeping in view these considerations, the Government of India, vide its announcement made on 18.12.2002, (subsequently amended in December 2006), opened up vistas for educational institutions / Central & State Universities / Agriculture Universities/ KVKs/ NGOs to have their own small power FM Radio Stations. The power of transmitter generally allowed, due to various constraints explained by WPC, is 100 Watt EIRP. However using this power, each CRS can cover about 10 to 15 km of radial area. This medium can be used to communicate with the masses living in the area about improved and interactive program can help them immensely.
MDS Broadcast Pvt. Ltd. strives to empower the people by providing education and training with the use of Radio, TV and the Internet. It also conducts research and seminars on social and economic issues. We have got expertise in providing turnkey solution, which includes processing of application for license, getting frequency clearance, getting other approval for erection of tower, supply of entire range of equipment, installation, commissioning and thereafter content creation.