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Products by Solidyne

  • S500-6-channels

    S500 6 channels

    S500 console has all the features that a broadcast on air console needs for operation in small AM & FM Radio Stations.

  • Mx2400-Frente-con-sombra

    MX2400 Stereo Codec-Mixer

    MX2400 encodes using standard MP3 audio streaming reproduced by Windows Media Player Winamp or any other free software

  • MX2100-frente

    MX2100 Portable Mini Console

    The MX2100 provides wireless digital cell phone, avoiding the use of cables and at NASA spaceships, save .

  • Hybrids-model-HL202-&-HL203-VQ

    Hybrids model HL202 & HL203-VQ

    HL 202 allows using standard telephone line or cellular phones, using the “free hands” connector HL 202 allows using standard telephone line or cellular.

  • DH400

    DH400 Digital Hybrid

    The DH400 handle 4 telephone lines, one of them could be a cellular phone DH400 is able to work full automatic

  • D816-digital-12-channels

    D816 digital 12 channels

    The D816 console is a landmark in technology for the new radio studios with low budgets. D816 is the Digital Radio console with the

  • D612-digital-8-channels

    D612 digital 8 channels

    The D612 connects a wireless cellphone with Bluetooth link. Any cellphone is connected in seconds and can be used up to ten meters

  • 562 evelution2

    562dsp 5 Bandas

    The processor 562dsp Evolution is the top-of-the- line of the famous Solidyne line of audio processors the sound of hi-end Audiophile Audio Systems.

  • 2600-line-Smart-Consoles

    2600 line Smart Consoles

    2600 digital mixing consoles are a new concept for radio and TV studios. It can be installed in conventional analog or digital studios using the .

  • 2300-XS-line

    2300 XS line

    The series 2300 consoles are the overall solution for an AM or FM Radio station, since they incorporate all the facilities for broadcasting