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DH400 Digital Hybrid

Digital Phone Hybrid with DSP echo canceller

DH400 is the only Hybrid at market that allows you to configure all settings from any point at the LAN network And, of course, the only one that restores the original voice quality…

The DH 400 system is the culmination of 40 years of experience in manufacturing at Solidyne, broadcasting phone hybrids, PBX telephone exchanges and telephone sets. No other company of this market has the same triple experience. So none of them produce such an advanced system that allows configuring in seconds from anywhere on the radio, through the LAN, the way that the telephone lines are used for recording of calls, for on-air interviews or tele-voting. Throughout the day the radio station can reschedule their lines and their hybrids. You only need a simple “click”.

The DH400 handle 4 telephone lines, one of them could be a cellular phone. The audio signal is digitized and processed within 4 units DSP (Digital Signal Processor). Rejection of the hybrid is automatically adjusted in two seconds and reaches values of 45 to 60 dB. We get such high value, using a technology called digital echo cancellation. This local voice high rejection allows the user to hear at the caller using loudspeakers in large radio studios, auditoriums or television sets.

But the advantages do not end here The DH400 is driven by a microcomputer, which supports several work modes that other systems do not possess. For example, it can handle four telephones sets for a radio call center. The local phone operator is able to write, on the PC screen, the name of the caller and any other valuable data, which is immediately transferred to the entire radio PC network, using our free DH400 software. With a simple touch of the Flash button at the telephone set, the telephone operator places on HOLD the phone call without disturbing the console operator.

Then, the local talent can switch On-Air the caller, knowing beforehand all the basic information about the caller.

It is possible to change the lines status (Off, Hold, On-Air, Conference, etc) from anywhere in the LAN where DH400 software is installed, using a mouse, the keyboard or a touch screen PC. So simple, and all automatic. Even the console operator, if desired, can refrain from intervening.

DH400 is able to work full automatic, 24 hours a day, attending phone lines, with personalized welcome message, and automatically recording 4 lines simultaneously. The recording is of high quality, unlike the PC telephone answering machines.

During the night, a single DJ operator can handle the radio. DH400 attends four lines with the welcome message and then places it on HOLD status, with transference to the radio DJ. Pushing the NEXT button, the oldest caller on Hold will go On-Air. In all cases DH400 can be operated from its front panel or through PC software.

Excellent audio quality; The absence of local voice return due echo cancellation algorithms, allows for excellent audio quality. And even better, the internal VQR (Voice Quality Restoration) processing allows for high On-Air audio quality, that the audience usually do not distinguish from an interview in Studies

DH400: the solution for broadcastings with audience call centers or telephone based radio programs

During the programs with great audience participation, the DH400 transferred audience calls to call center. The call operators ask the name and other valuable information and write it on the PC, using the DH400 software. Then press the telephone set Flash button and the call will be on HOLD status. This will be indicated at the DH400 front panel and in every PC of the radio LAN network. Also is indicated the time that each line is on HOLD. Simply press a button or click with the mouse from anywhere on the network PCs, to send On-Air that line or to place two or more lines in conference. The conferences of the DH400 are absolutely perfect because all callers hear each other at high level, due to the properties of the digital echo canceller

DH400: the solution for automatic recording of audience messages, 24 hours a day.
Each recording shows the telephone number of the caller

Two DH400 units with allow recording with high audio quality, 8 telephone lines simultaneously on a single PC, connected via USB.
The audience calls are attended by a welcome message inviting them to record a message. All of these recordings will be available instantly at the Master Control Room. DH400 removes limitations on the audio quality of the standard PC answering machines.
Very important is also flexibility. From any PC of the LAN, you can assign some lines to audience recording, others lines to on-air interviews or tele-voting. None of the systems on the market, yet costing fortunes, allows you this versatility.


Remote control of DH400 from any PC

The journalists and show hosts have on your PC a very simple set of management buttons,
They can manage it by pressing the screen (touch screen monitors)

The line name and number can be changed from the user

DH400: the solution at night, where a single DJ operator manages the radio station

Four telephone lines can be automatically handled by DH400, with a welcome message prerecorded in its internal nonvolatile memory. The lines are transferred to the DJ operator in HOLD mode. The DH400 LCD display shows the time on hold of each line. Pressing the button NEXT it goes to the air the line that has waited longer.
The conferences of the DH400 are absolutely perfect because all callers hear each other at high level, due to the properties of the digital echo canceller

Pressing the Auto-answer mode, DH400 works alone like a human operator


DH400 LCD screen shows two level meters; sending and receiving. As well as information and options to choose. Everything comes factory-programmed to connect DH400 and go immediately into the air. But it can be customized to optimize the radio needs.


DH400: the solution for radio transmissions from large auditoriums, sports conferences and television sets