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About Us

About Us

MDS Broadcast solution provides total integrated solutions to suit the requirements of Broadcasters.The process involves support right from planning and conceptualization to the installation, integration and commissioning on turnkey basis.  MDS Broadcast has been instrumental in setting up host of Television services from studio set up to Transmitters for diverse customers. provides its customers with complete turnkey installations for television studios, microwave and transmitters,

MDS Broadcast is providing transmission services like operation and maintenance of the FM stations to all, the broadcasters India. MDS Broadcast’s team of senior engineers are assigned for such FM assignments and have more than 10 years of experience of setting up and maintaining FM Radio stations in All India Radio Department.

MDS Broadcast provides total consultancy in the field of FM broadcasting from conceptualization to commissioning on turnkey basis. MDS Broadcast team has been responsible for setting up many of the private FM Radio Stations and community radio stations.

MDS Broadcast provides complete project planning, material management, installation, testing, and liaison work with different ministries (like Ministry of Communication, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Survey of India) training and commissioning the project on turnkey basis. The company has commercial FM Radio as well as community/Campus Radio Stations.

About Community Radio Station

We have already set up a CRS at Birsa Agriculture University, Ranchi, Narendra Deva Krishi Vishvidyalaya, Kumarganj, Faizabad, Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, Ch. Charan Singh Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Hissar and Tamilnadu Agriculture University, Coimbatore and by setting up CRSs in other universities, with help of World Development Foundation and Media Lab Asia, Ministry of IT, Govt. of India, it shall be possible to broadcast the programs on farming, health, hygiene, livelihood generation, youth, careers related, local entertainment, programs for children, women shows, universities etc.

Thus you will see that MDS Broadcast Pvt. Ltd. is involved in undertaking an integrated and holistic approach for use of CRS in the country for community. Apart from the above projects, we are also implementing projects for many other organizations namely, Allahabad Agriculture University, Salesian College, Sonada, Darjeeling, KVK Kolhapur etc. We offer our services for providing turnkey solution including programming and training for establishing CRSs in the most scientific and economic manner.