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Welcome to MDS Broadcast

We, MDS Broadcast (Media Door Steps) Private Limited. are equipped with experts in the field of TV, FM Radio Broadcast Systems, Sound Technology, Cable Head Ends etc. MDS BROADCAST provides world class solutions in turnkey systems, from Studio to Antenna System, where investments in design and new technologies are critical to success.

The Company is awarded in Solid State Amplification for the revolutionary technology, and has now developed a new HI-ADC technology to improve the TV transmitters to have a very high quality signal both in analog and in digital transmissions.

MDS strives to empower the people by providing education and training with the use of Radio, TV and the Internet. It also conducts research and seminars on social and economic issues. We have got expertise in providing turnkey solution, which includes processing of application for license, getting frequency clearance, getting other approval for erection of tower, supply of entire range of equipment, installation, commissioning and thereafter content creation.

  • Acoustics, Stage lighting, Furnishing and Sound Reinforcement¬† Systems or Auditoriums
  • FM Broadcasting
  • Establishment of TV Channels
  • Digital Newsroom Systems
  • MW and SW radio Broadcasting
  • FM Community Radio Stations
  • Establishment of Teleports for Television Broadcasting
  • Cable Head End Systems

  • Distance Education System through Satellite
  • Radio and Television Studios
  • Context Planning of TV and Radio Channels
  • Audio-Video Systems (SRS/ conferencing/ recording/ production and post-production systems)
  • Wire line Broadcasting Network.
  • Terrestrial & Satellite Broadcasting.
  • Data Broadcasting

“Creativity often consists of merely
turning up what is already there.”



FM Broadcast Monitor

MB2400-frente con manos

VA-16X is another Solidyne important contribution to broadcasting quality. A revolutionary digital measurement system.

2600 Smart Console


2600 digital mixing consoles are a new concept for radio and TV studios. It can be installed in conventional analog or digital studios

Digital Phone Hybrid 400


The DH 400 system is the culmination of 40 years of experience in manufacturing at Solidyne, broadcasting phone hybrids, PBX telephone

562dsp Evolution console


The processor 562dsp Evolution is the top-of-the- line of the famous Solidyne line of audio processors. We have applied in this unit our

Key issues

      • Only Hybrid at market
      • Use of CRS for education & disadvantaged communities
      • Hardware InfrastructurePolicy awareness, Licensing, Implementation, Training
      • Education (Formal and non formal), Development information
      • Re-enforce class lectures

Why CRS for you?

      • Create identity (AIR, Radio City), logo, signature tune
      • Do Publicity
      • Improve presentation style of programmes
      • Improve programme content
      • Have educational programmes and repeat them for benefit of students

Why choose us?

      • Only Hybrid at market
      • Customers around the world
      • Years of experience
      • Best Service
      • Fast Installation
      • Extend transmission hours
      • Rremotely controlled
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